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About Us

Chi-Town Cushman has been in business for seven years and providing service all over the country. Let our experienced staff of a combined 25 years of mechanical experience take care of all your needs. We take the hassle out of your vanguard conversion. We make custom parts to any specifications! We can weld and fabricate parts in our shop. We also have Powder coating, chroming and painting services available. Just drop us an E-mail and we will be glad to meet your scooter needs

Here is what some of our customers are saying about our products…

"ChiTown Cushman makes some of the best quality products that I have ever seen" -JR, Chicago, IL

"Unbelievable bikes, best in the business" - Paul B., Skokie, IL

"Just checked out your website and all I can say is you must be once sick, evil genius! There's some awesome bikes there.

Keep up the beautiful work"  - Lance, Syracuse, NY

"Beautiful Air Cleaner" - Ron

"Great Products!" - Specks

"Part was as exactly as described" - Doug

"Thanks for the great deal" - Fred, Chicago, IL

"Great Seller, Honest"- Bruce, Indiana

"Perfect! Guy is great & Honest"- Joe, Schaumburg, IL

"Good Quality Product. Does great Machine Work" - Jimmy, Texas