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Our Products

These are 1" at the flange and go up to 1 ¾" slash cut tip. Includes stainless steel mounting hardware. Product is Made in the USA.

                                        Starting At Price: $150.00

These are for the real do-it-yourselfer. Comes with stainless steel bolts. Buy these to make your own exhaust. Comes in a set.

                                                             Price: $11.00

Heat shields can be made to any size. Can be custom engraved or plain and simple. Comes with hardware to weld on pipe and can be painted, chromed or powder coated.
                                                             Price: $40.00

This is from a 14-18 hp single barrel Vanguard. Has a no crush filter design. Mounting hardware included.

                                                             Price: $50.00

Laser cut out of polished stainless steel. Product is Made in the USA.

                                                             Price: $55.00

Replace your old recoil cover and replace it with this stylish custom made cover to enhance the look of your engine. This component will not affect the cooling of you engine.
                                                             Price: $89.00                                   

Three different styles. Plain, Flame (shown) or billet lined. Product is Made in the USA.

                                              Price for Plain: $65.00
                     Price for Flame or Billet Lined: $80.00

Replace your annoying oversized dip stick that normally comes with the engine. You will fall in love with our custom dip stick. It is designed for Vanguard motors. Product is Made in the USA.
          Price (with exchange of old dip stick): $48.00                                   

These handle bar risers are made out of billet aluminum and are available in either 7/8" or 1" diameter. Comes in a pair. Product is Made in the USA.

                                                             Price: $80.00

Custom 1" thick triple tree. Made from billet aluminum. Correct spacing of fork tubes, 3.5" on center riser holes, so you can adapt any size bars and use polyurethane bushings.
                                                           Price: $200.00

Made out of billet aluminum. Will mount to stock fork tubes. Turn signals can be screwed on. Comes polished.

                                                             Price: $50.00

Custom bearing cups with Timken bearings and races with dust caps. This will eliminate the loose feeling that Cushman front end's normally have.

                                                           Price: $150.00

This is our specially designed Comet driven. This set is designed to handle more powerful motors (up to 60hp). You will be exceptionally pleased with its performance. The clutch takes a 1" shaft and the driven is ¾" shaft.                   
                                                  Price: Call For Quote

This top cog belt goes on your clutch and driven. Email us and give us your dimensions so that we can determine the correct size belt to use.

                                                             Price: $52.00

This will work with our large drive system. Can be sold plain, chromed or powder coated. Mount your clutch safely and properly spaced.

                                                             Price: $50.00

For a Comet 40 Clutch. Can be sold plain, chromed or powder coated.  Mount your clutch safely and properly spaced. (Clutch not included).

                                                             Price: $45.00

We can machine your cast aluminum clutch guard and add a custom billet cover with any kind of engraving. Engraving is done in house on our C.N.C. Machine.
                                                           Price: $120.00

Custom made for your vanguard conversion. Comes with a ¾" shaft and gear. Product is Made in the USA.

                                                           Price: $180.00

Call us, we have many different variations in stock. Can also be chromed and powder coated for an extra charge. Available in ¾" or 1" bore.
                                                             Price: $42.00

We can make any custom size battery box, whether it be big or small, to any size battery you might have.
                                                             Price: $65.00

This cover is designed to fit over high torque starters.  Comes in bear metal finish and can be chromed, powder coated or painted. Comes with all necessary hardware.
                                                             Price: $80.00

Upgrade your rear disk break master cylinder to a forward control made out of billet aluminum. Make your bike brakes work better and have more of a positive feel. Takes all different kinds of foot pegs. Product is Made in the USA.                 
                                                           Price: $279.00

This is a larger Indian seat pan. It gives the rider comfort and an easier ride.
Product is Made in the USA.


                                                             Price: $89.00

Larger floor boards for better grip and comfort when riding. Comes in a pair with hardware. (Floor board mounts needed).

                                                             Price: $65.00

The inserts come polished and ball milled to accent your floor boards. Includes all necessary mounting hardware.

                                                             Price: $65.00

Large cast aluminum floor boards. Are polished and will give your bike a nice touch. (Floor board mounts needed).

                                                           Price: $120.00

Made out of steel. Can be welded to your frame to mount billet or large floor boards.

                                                             Price: $65.00

Made from steel. Axel holes will not elongate and adjusting threads will not strip under high tension. Works on some Silver Eagles. Comes in plain, silver, black. Or for an extra charge powder coated or chrome.                                               
                                       Price Per Set (Pair): $40.00

Rear Axle Adjusters

Comes with all the necessary hardware needed to attach it to your bike. Comes in a pair. Product is Made in the USA.

                                                             Price: $25.00

Replace worn or damaged drop outs with out laser cut style. This is a duplicate of the original. Just weld on to your scooter and straighten your rear end or alignment problems.
                                                             Price: $75.00

Made from Billet aluminum, this heat sink will cool you oil fast. This piece is the perfect accent to your bike.
                                             New Style Price: $47.00

Brighten up your motor with these polished valve covers.
                                              Exchange Price: $50.00

These pedals come custom engraved with virtually any style. Send us a sketch and we'll see what we can do.
                                                             Price: $79.00

This large stash tube will hold registration and insurance papers. Can be mounted anywhere. Comes with a FREE!!! AAA maglite.
                                                             Price: $55.00

These will add an extra 2" to your forks. They allow for easier control and handling on the road. Product is Made in the USA.
                                                             Price: $80.00

Cushman is water jetted out of a 1/8 thick stainless steel. It can be polished to a chrome like finish. It can go on top or bottom of a license plate. Just trim off the tabs that are not used.
                                                             Price: $30.00

Here is our new billet aluminum oil filler cap. Get rid of that piece of plastic on your aluminum valve cover. Just remove your rubber seal and screw it in.

                                                             Price: $19.00

This clutch cover will work on every style comet clutch, the 40, 44, 1190. All parts included for simple installation. This will give your bike that open drive belt look, we can also customize your cover plate. (Click here for more pictures)                                                                                               
Price: $110.00

This will let you adapt larger diameter pipes on your bike will take up to 1 3/4" exhaust, this will give your bike that deep sound.
                                                             Price: $60.00

Will take standard cat eye lite and can be mounted anywhere, made out of steel.

Price: $30.00

Can be supplied with battery mount or without

Price: $225.00

Need an engine? Try one of our Eagle 1 signature series engines.
-25 hp @ 5200 rpm
-Modified cam shaft
-Forged valve spring retainers
-Steel head gaskets installed
-Advanced ignition timing
-Windage Tray installed
-Billett Push rods
-Solenoid shift high torque starter
-modified 2 barrel carburator
-high flow intake with throttel arm
-K&N air filter
-90 degree oil drain
-NO governor

Shown with billet valve covers and high torque starter cover (sold separately)

This is a great turn key engine designed for Cushman conversion us. Call for pricing. Additional hop ups and hp ratings available

Price: Call For Quote

Custom valve covers 16 - 20 horse, also 23 and up.

Price: $140.00--160.00


            3.75 Degree Raked Triple Tree

This 3.75 degree raked triple tree will make your bike handle better over all. Picture is with a stock frame and 10". wheels

                                                Price: Call For Quote